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Dubai firm to launch super/hyper cars in India

Three brands of Super Hyper Cars (SHCs), including the world's fastest car, Ultimate Aero, are all set to storm Indian roads by the end of this year, said a report.

Dubai-based Ultimate Motors, one of the leading distibutors of exotic and luxury sports cars in the world, will be launching the three brands of commercial SHCs - Shelby, Zenvo and Arash, by December, according to a report in The Economic Times.

'The demand for luxury cars in India is increasing of late and people are now keen to have customised cars. We are in touch with four leading dealers in India and expect to launch the commercial SHCs by the end of this year,' Ultimate Motors' president, Nasser Al-Hai, said, on the sidelines of a luxury lifestyle event here.

US-based Shelby SuperCars' Utimate Aero has been recorded as the world's fastest car with a speed of 413 kilometres per hour (257 mph) and produces 1,183 horsepower thus making it the world's most powerful production car. It can reach from 0-to-60 mph in 2.78 seconds.

Similarly, Denmark's Zenvo and UK-based Arash are also in the race to introduce their SHCs into the Indian market.

Arash has a unique road car aerodynamics whereas the Zenvo comes with full carbon body and steel chassis.
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