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Costumers are scrambled to buy Indonesia's GEA car

The national GEA car produced by PT INKA that was launched in Jakarta’ INDODEFENCE 2010 last year, has been attracted huge demand by would be costumers. Unfortunately, at this time, the buyer can only purchase it from Cooperative institution.

"Yeah the demand is pretty good. People are very enthusiastic and wanted to buy the GEA," said Ridwan GEA team at an exhibition site to detikOto, Friday (01/10/2010).

Ridwan said, according to company policy, the car with passenger capacity 4 people, Engine Fuel Bio-fuel (Premium and LPG) is priced for less than Rp 50 million; it is not sold in retail, or individual.

"There are many people who wish to directly purchase it or would like to request a business card. But so far, the sales will be done through the cooperatives. Any distribution company which has their own cooperative body may apply with minimum purchase of 25 units," he said.

GEA is predicted to attract people to own the car which has 650 CC of engine, which is economical, agile and tough.

"Why did we choose the cooperative, because the supply of spare part is done via the particular cooperative body," he said.

GEA is a car micro car which engine system; intact type: front drive. Maximum power capacity: 20 kw/5300 rpm (650 CC). Front and rear suspension using per snails with shock absorbers.

The transmission of this national car is manual by the rate at 4 levels. Braking is by using the Disk Brake front, while rear brake drum.

Its dimensions, has a length 3210 mm, width 1430 mm, height 1705, 1984 mm wheelbase, front wheel tread distance of 1277 mm and rear wheel tread distance of 1267 mm. Passenger capacity of 4 -5 people and tank capacity of 30 liters, with a ratio of 1: 25.
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