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Etox Electric Sports Car Heralds From Turkey

Etox, Turkey’s first sports car, is set to have an electric version in the coming months according to the manufacturer’s interview with Anadolu Agency this week. Ercan Malkoc, owner of Erteks Auto Decoration, says the car has an economical advantage in addition to being an environmentally friendly version of the original, stating that the Etox’s battery can be charged for $10 dollars and drive for nearly 155 miles.

The original, non-electric version of the car was released in 2007, and boosts a top speed of 115 mph using a 4-cylinder system. The electric prototype’s specifications have yet to be released, and will probably stay that way until the car is completed over the next three months. Provided the Turkish government can lend necessary assistance, the auto-maker claims large-scale production of the electric Etox could start within one year of the prototype’s debut.
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