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Iran hybrid car ranks third in 2010 EHI

A hybrid car designed and made by Iranian students has ranked third in the 2010 Formula Electric and Hybrid Italy (EHI) held in the city of Turin.

Hakhamanesh H.V., made by Iran's Sharif University students, took part in the event's class 2H categories and stood third after mecc-H2 and PicoFarad Racing Team by Italy's Polytechnic University of Milan and Turin respectively.

Iran's four-wheel automobile has a composite body, weights 600 kilograms and can travel up to 90 kilometers an hour, ISNA reported.

The vehicle's eight batteries can be charged by urban electricity; it is almost noiseless and does not pollute.

EHI is an international competitive and sports event found by the Assiciazione Tecnica Dell'Automobile in 2005 in an effort to promote innovative activities in academic institutions across the world, which can improve the energy efficiency of vehicles supplied by different energy sources.

International teams from universities and technical institutions take part with vehicles completely designed and made by them. Their products are tested for endurance, acceleration, energy consumption, autocross and climbing abilities.

The teams are then evaluated and awarded by the Technical Committee, based on the characteristics and performance of their vehicles, their level of innovation and industrial potentials.

The 2010 edition of the Formula Electric and Hybrid Italy (EHI) was held from October 7 to 10.
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