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Morocco: Automotive industry experiences strong growth

The Moroccan automotive industry experienced strong growth over the last decade, with regard to several indicators :
· A dynamic market for new cars which, in view of its evolution over the last decade, witnessed substantial growth. The annual sales volume reached 120000 cars, which portends a bright future in favor of the industrialization of the sector.

· The redeployment of Renault in Morocco through the acquisition of State shares in SOMACA and the implementation of an industrial complex in Tangier with a production capacity of 400 000 vehicles per year, 90% of which to be oriented to exportation.

The overflow of business opportunities and partnership incoming from:
- Original Equipment Manufacturers interested in the competitiveness of Morocco, reinforced by the government's offer to investors.
- Prime contractors wishing to develop their purchases in Morocco.
These are tangible data that challenge the professionals on the promising development of the Moroccan automotive industry, as shown by the figures below:

Today, stakeholders at different levels must act to ensure that this sector’s dynamism is not undermined by the automotive crisis in the world. This dynamism should be perpetuated in a way to enable Morocco to establish a ''chain'', and meet the requirements of global markets.

Analysis of operators:
The main players in the Moroccan automotive sector are the following:
· Assembly lines: referring to SOMACA which assembles vehicles like Dacia, Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. The annual production volume will reach 100 000 vehicles in 2012 for both local market and export. Moreover, the Moroccan government and Renault signed in 2007, an agreement to set up an assembly line to produce 400 000 vehicles per year, eventually for exportation. It is a large-scale project likely to push forwards the automotive industry in Morocco.
· Equipment Manufacturers: This category constitutes the core sector in which it distinguishes:

- Foreign capital companies : 46%
- Moroccan capital companies : 38 %
- Mixed capital companies : 16%

· Spare parts distributors and automobile reparation:
This sector comprises:
- Hundreds of importers/distributers.
- Over a thousand retailers
- Over 4000 mechanics and repairers.
- Two reparation trademarks MIDDAS and SPEEDY

The rapid evolution on the national park is a lever for the development of these activities.
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