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Riding to Paradise: Iran

Some time ago, when we decided to travel as much as we can on our bikes, we needed a pespective. We decided to travel, starting from near to more distant places. Namely, first Istanbul and Marmara regions and then making larger circles each time, evenually meeting the country borders and beyond. A non ending project. But we would always know our direction.

It is our map to decide where to go next. We planned a trip to our neighbours on the east, namely Georgia, Azerbeijan, Armenia and Iran. It turned out to be too complicated due to many border crossings. Besides we would cross Iran from the north of the country only, but there was much more to see there. So we decided to make this an Iran ride only.

Riding to Paradise: Iran Riding to Paradise: Iran Reviewed by Redaksi on 7:38 PM Rating: 5

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