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Onuk Sazan - Turkish supercar

It seems like the world of one off super cars has just received a new member hoping for a production vehicle future.

We have already seen the Spanish Spano GTA and the latest true American super car, the Devon Motorworks GTX->http://www.topspeed.com/cars/devon-motorworks/index668.html]. However this new Turkish speed machine does away with the three letter moniker and instead caries the nickname of its creator’s late offspring, much like Enzo Ferrari did with the Dino. The Onuk Sazan is in every aspect a bona fide super car, the body is made from intricately worked composite materials, each pony only has to lug around about four pounds and the asking price is a cool €200,000.

Onuk Sazan - Turkish supercar Onuk Sazan - Turkish supercar Reviewed by Redaksi on 11:35 PM Rating: 5

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