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IKCO unveils nanotech car

Iran’s first car equipped with nano technology built by Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) was showcased at nano festival from November 4 to 8.

Moj news agency quoted Hamidreza Taqavi Deputy Director of Strategy and Planning at IKCO stating that the new Samand Soren is equipped with nano technology, adding that nano composites are used in the dash board, engine parts, filters and lubrications.

He said that this improvement was made with the aim of enhancing domestic production, decreasing dependency on importing raw material, reducing the price of finished products, improving product quality, increasing customer satisfaction, pride and national self-realization in industry.

Taqavi noted that nano technology usage is increasing day by day in the automotive industry, pontig out that 60 percent of designing and production of light and heavy vehicles in the next 10 years will be influenced by nano technology.

Iran Khodro was founded 1962 and has become the largest vehicle manufacturer in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

In Iran it has an average share of 65 percent of domestic vehicle production.

By 2006 Iran Khodro was producing 550,000 vehicles (for the Iranian year 1384, starting on 21 March 2006)
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