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Custom car fest set to open in Abu Dhabi

Barbican Turbo 2009, a dedicated show with focus on engine tuning, artistic bodywork and powerful in-car audio systems, is set to get underway on October 8 in Abu Dhabi.

The three-day festival, which is expected to attract thousands of car enthusiasts, will run at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Adham Badr, brand manager for Barbican, headline sponsor of the show, revealed that over 100 of the best customised vehicles in the country will be on show at the exhibition.

“Last year’s Barbican Turbo was a fantastic success, attracting 20,000 people, so there was no question about whether or not we would repeat it,” he said.

“The custom car scene reflects what our brand is all about; self expression. Barbican Turbo 2009 will have everything for the enthusiastic car modifier – it is the biggest event of its kind in the region.”

Demonstrations of power are expected to be a major draw at the show, with high-speed drifting from the ‘Need for Speed’ European Drift Championship team on display at the centre’s track.

Visitors will also get a chance to test the power output of their own vehicles in the Dyno Shoot-Out, which pits owners in a head-to-head to see whose machine pumps out the most bhp.

As well as brute force being showcased, custom car and bike bodywork will also feature prominently, with visitors being dazzled by the light reflected from the acres of chrome on display.

Prizes and trophies will be given out for the best vehicles, some of which will have had hundreds of thousands of dirhams worth of modifications made by their loving owners.

One lucky owner will also receive an additional prize of an all expenses-paid holiday to Switzerland as overall winner of the top 100 amateur car of the festival.

Barbican Turbo 2009 will also feature the second UAE National Sound-Off competition, where competitors can win prizes for the loudest vehicle stereo and the best installation.

A separate audio stage will keep music lovers occupied and to complete the urban feel, a street art contest will take place close to the track.

Demonstrations of Parkour freeform running will be on show in the hall and professional flarers from the UK will be wowing the crowds with their bottle juggling skills, mixing up non-alcoholic beverages as they go.

“We can promise anybody attending Barbican Turbo 2009 they will not be disappointed,” said Badr.

“It will be an energetic celebration of car and bike modification and the atmosphere throughout will be one that acknowledges the power of self expression,” he added.
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